Delf Well, Edinburgh, Midlothian

Healing Well:  OS Grid Reference – NT 28220 72715

Getting Here

Delf Well, SE of Arthur's Seat

Delf Well, SE of Arthur’s Seat

From the south-side of Arthur’s Seat at Duddingston, along Duddingston Road West, turn west along Old Church Lane.  Where the houses finish and the loch appears on your left and the small car-park on the right, walk above the cars and onto the small footpath.  Barely 20 yards ahead, under the edges of the trees, a sealed oblong concrete water-hole is the site in question.

Archaeology & History

Delf Well on the 1877 map

Delf Well on the 1877 map

Only for the purists amongst you, the Delf Well has fallen prey to being capped and piped away so you can no longer drink here.  It is shown on the early 19th century maps of the area and was used as a water supply for the opulent South Lodge of Holyrood Park.  An old metal chain—remains of which are still attached to the covering stone—once had an old cup attached, to enable walkers to drink here.


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© Paul Bennett, The Northern Antiquarian

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2 Responses to Delf Well, Edinburgh, Midlothian

  1. It still runs sometimes….l drank from it last year😊The water comes out the old pipe into the stone lined basin…currently filled up with gravel for some reason!

  2. megalithix says:

    That’s damn good to hear! 😊 Do you know anything about the nearby Horse Well and the Twentypenny Well? I’m just doing brief write-ups about them this very min.

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