Beltany, Tops – Stone Circle

Bocan, Glackadrumman – Stone Circle

Craigmaddyroe Far – Bullaun

Garrowcarry – Standing Stone

Giant’s Grave, Trimragh – Cup-Marked Stone

Grianan of Aileach, Carrowreagh – Hillfort

Killycolman – Cairn

Lough Fad – Tumulus

Mevagh – Cup-and-Ring Stone

Mullans, Belleek – Standing Stones

St. Begley’s Knee Stone, Sruhanreagh – Bullaun

St. Connell’s Well, Kilaned – Holy Well

St. Columbkille’s Footprints, Drumcavany – Bullaun

St. Patrick’s Well, Carrowreagh – Holy Well

Tobar na Sul, Owenboy – Holy Well

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