Recommended Reading

I’ve sectioned this into categories of ‘types of sites’ (e.g., stone circles, holy wells, cursuses, etc), folklore, regional guides, and whatever else I think of which helps any newcomers look at decent material in the respective fields.  Those titles marked with an asterisk * are vital reading for students.

Cairns & Tombs

*Ashbee, Paul, The Bronze Age Round Barrow in Britain, Phoenix House: London 1960.
*Ashbee, Paul, The Earthen Long Barrow in Britain, Geo: Norwich 1984.
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Cup & Ring Stones (prehistoric rock art)

Beckensall, Stan, Northumberland’s Prehistoric Rock Carvings – A Mystery Explained, Pendulum: Rothbury 1983.
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Cursus Monuments

Barclay, Alistair & Harding, Jan (eds.), Pathways and Ceremonies: The Cursus Monuments of Britain and Ireland, Oxbow: Oxford 1999.
Barclay, A., Lambrick, G., Moore, J. & Robinson, M., Lines in the Landscape, Oxford Archaeology 2003.
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Bord, Janet & Colin, Earth Rites, Granada: London 1982.
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Holy Wells & Healing Springs

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Sacred Rocks & Hills

*Bernbaum, Edwin, Sacred Mountains of the World, Sierra Club: San Francisco 1990.
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–  The Way of the Earth, Simon & Schuster: New York 1994.
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Standing Stones

*Burl, Aubrey, From Carnac to Callanish, Yale University Press: New Haven & London 1993.
Michell, John, The Old Stones of Land’s End, Garnstone: London 1974.
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Stone Circles

Barnatt, John, Stone Circles of the Peak, Turnstone: London 1978.
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Traditional Cosmologies²

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¹ For specific county folklore surveys and references, please see the relevant Bibliographies in the Sites & Monuments Gazetteer county survey sections.

² The study of traditional cosmologies and myths are highly important in all studies of prehistoric sites, in that they give the student very different mythic perspectives (or social cosmologies if you prefer) about the relationship that traditional societies had with the natural world, compared to the paradigm modern humans have developed in separating themselves from the natural world. (modern society is detached from Nature, whereas all earlier cultures were implicit parts of it)  Grasping some of the fundamental, organic, experiential differences is of primary importance and these differing cosmological frameworks are essential to understand (though integrate may be a more accurate word), thus enabling clarification of a variety of otherwise puzzling ingredients.  Studies of comparative religious ingredients are, therefore, essential to the student.  If however, such matters are deemed to be of little concern, you’re obviously just a tourist.