Twelve Apostles Stone Circle

Twelve Apostles Stone Circle,

West Yorkshire

by Paul Bennett 

The Northern Antiquarian 2017 – Kindle edition.  36 pages. 

Price – £1.99 

The Twelve Apostles stone circle, high upon the moorlands above Ilkley, has long been a place of mystery and intrigue to people from many walks of life.  Through the centuries, this prehistoric ring of stone has been a site of curiosity and fascination, capturing the imaginations of walkers, archaeologists, astronomers, occultists and religious historians alike.  Was it a site used for ancient astronomical observations? Or a place of heathen worship? Or something more perhaps? 

In this work—the only one ever written on the circle—we explore much of the mythic history of the Twelve Apostles, bringing to life an archaic meeting place with curious ingredients that stretch further, beyond, into an extended landscape that still lives and breathes haunting echoes of ritual ways, long since thought to have passed… 

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