Add a Site to TNA

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There are obviously many many prehistoric and sacred sites that are not yet on The Northern Antiquarian.  Many thousands exist in the British Isles and it would take a few lifetimes to write and list them all.  So if you have a favourite site that you can add to TNA, it’s not difficult to do  Just sign-up to WordPress (click here – and once you’ve received and confirmed your email, just follow these proceedings.

Return to The Northern Antiquarian homepage, click “Subscribe to TNA” (righthand column, a few rows down).  Contact us at and ask to be a Contributor.  You’ll be sent an invite so you can act as a Contributor/Author straight away.

To Add a Site:

In adding a ‘Site Profile’ of any particular holy well, cup-and-ring stone, stone circle, tumulus, etc, please ensure it adheres to the basic lay-out of each archaeological entry, as follows:

1.  Site Type (e.g., Holy Well, Sacred Hill, Standing Stones, etc) & OS Grid Reference
2.  Also Known as (if there isn’t another name, simply don’t add this option)
3.  Getting Here (try give as accurate an account as possible)
3.  Archaeology & History (the date found, & as much info as possible; give personal feelings if you think they’re relevant)
4.  Folklore (if known)
5.  References (if the site’s a new one, or you’re unaware of any references, don’t add this bit!)

If you have teething problems adding sites, don’t worry. Just let us know & we’ll help out/amend things where necessary.  Please appreciate that anything you may add to TNA will be your copyright.  If you could also add your own photos and drawings, that always makes for a better-looking Site Profile.