Map of Ancient Sites

Enter the ‘Map of Ancient Sites’ by clicking here.  


Screenshot sample of the map

At last we have a map to see all the ancient places that are on our site – enabling you to see which sites are where. Use the drop-down menus above the map to choose only the types of sites you want to find (eg, only ‘stone circles’, or only ‘cup-and-rings’, or only ‘holy wells’, etc), or see them all at the same time.  You can zoom-in and zoom-out using the “+” and “-” symbols on the top-right.  If you need to start looking at the map anew, just click ‘Clear Map’ and it takes you back to the beginning.  There are also different types of map to give a slightly different artistic look of the area you explore.

This is Stage 1 – Part 1 of a gradual upgrade on The Northern Antiquarian. and we are still at the preliminary developmental stage.  The mapping is to be upgraded month by month.  We hope to have the full new singing-and-dancing TNA website up-and-running by the end of 2017 – but we are a small team and have absolutely no finances, so please bear with us if things run a bit late.

Please give us your feedback and let us know what you think.

Enter the ‘Map of Ancient Sites’ by clicking here. 

Immense thanks are due to James Elkington for his work in developing this map and further work  in the background…