TNA Services

Apart from providing (free of charge), a huge database of megalithic site profiles, we also provide a number of services.  If you’re interested in any of these, please get in touch for prices and more information.


We provide consultancy services to film, television, script writers, performing arts, producers and location agents. We also work with magazine editors and authors.

Our knowledge of site locations, and the history of such sites are second to none. We have an extensive private library of over 8000 books and magazines, and we have written countless books and publications ourselves, both for the national and international market. 

Lectures/After-Dinner Speaking

We are often asked to speak in front of groups of people, and every time we do always draw a large crowd. The subject is fascinating and delivered with knowledge and humour. Make a change from the usual ‘afer dinner speakers’ and go for something a bit different. 

TNA Tours

For the ultimate megalithic experience – book one of our ‘TNA Tours’. Whether you require a single day, multiple days – self-catering, ‘roughing it’ or the full five-star treatment – we provide the itinerary, transport and locations. Join us! 

Day Walks

Ideal for the single person or small group who wish to visit one or two ancient sites – the amount depends on the time of year (obviously we can get more sites in during the Summer months). The tour will take in the history, archaeology (if any) and local folklore associated with the site. There is often the opportunity to do some ‘megalithic huntng’ yourself! These walks are especially suitable for accompanied children as they love the stories associated with the sites. 

Site Maps and Brochures

For the person or persons who wish to locate the sites themselves but need ‘pointng in the right directon’ – we provide simple maps, and directions to the sites and give you a brief history of the site – along with what you ‘may’ fnd (lost stone circles or standing stones as an example). 

You can contact The Northern Antiquarian for any of these services at – 
Leave your name and number, and a summary about what you’d like and we”l get back to you as soon as possible.