Guided walks to the masses of archaeological and historical sites in Yorkshire is something I’ve done many, many times – and they’ve gained a reputation of their own from many of the people who’ve enjoyed the ambles, both short and long-distance.  They are, ostensibly, mythic landscape walks.

Tour party at the end of a Mythic Landscape walk...

In the event that you would like a venture to visit a number of the prehistoric sites in and around Yorkshire and the eastern edges of Lancashire, please contact me to enquire about such a venture.  Stipulate the areas you would like to visit and we will arrange a suitable route. My tours are multidisciplinary in nature (should you so wish), or can focus purely on the archaeology, or the folklore, or mythic perspectives.  The choice would be yours, of course!

You may want to take advantage of a variety of tours lengths – short distance, medium length, or a full day, depending on your walking ability.  Feel free to contact me at megalithix@gmail.com – and we’ll sort something out to suit your requirements.

Here’s one short video travelogue of one walk on Ilkley Moor, where a group visited the Hanging Stones carvings, the prehistoric enclosures, the Backstone circle, the Twelve Apostles stone circle, cup-and-ring stones, prehistoric rock shelters, the Roms Law circle, and an unrecorded stone circle kept hidden by a small group of local people, so as to maintain its untouched condition:

Ilkley Moor Walk, June 2011