Here we review relevant books or journals.  If you have a work that you want publicizing and reviewing here, send an email to the usual place –

Please note: In reviewing a book I use a system of asterisks (*) to indicate a worthy book.  One asterisk after a book means it aint up to much, all the way up to five asterisks after a book (*****), which shows it to be an excellent work.  If the book’s truly dreadful, it’ll get no asterisks at all!

Rogiers, Jos – The Lost Civilization of Homo Supersapiens*


Bahn, Paul, Franklin, Natalie & Strecker, Matthias (eds.) – Rock Art Studies: News of the World – volume 3

Brown, Paul & Barbara – Prehistoric Rock Art in the Northern Dales

Devereux, Paul & Mortimer, Neil (eds.) – Time and Mind, volume 1 (parts 1-3), 2008

Gyrus – Archaeologies of Consciousness

Gyrus (ed.) – DreamFlesh – A Journal of Body, Psyche, Ecological Crisis and Archaeologies of Consciousness

Smith, Brian & Walker, Alan – Rock Art and Ritual

Taylor, Stephen – The Fylfot Crosses in Great Canfield

Taylor, Stephen – The Fylfot File

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