Maypole, Hemswell, Lincolnshire

Maypole: OS Grid Reference – SK 92954 90947

Historic photo from Church Street

Historic photo from Church Street

Also Known as:

  1. English Heritage ID: 196736

Getting Here

In Hemswell Village at the junction of Church Street and Maypole Street.

History & Archeaology

According to a 2010 report in the Scunthorpe Telegraph, the Hemswell villagers,

“claim to be the hosts to one of the oldest maypole celebrations in the world, dating back to at least 1660”.

The then clerk to the parish council, Dianne Millward is quoted as saying:

“Hemswell is widely regarded in historical circles as having one of the oldest if not the oldest celebrations for May Day. We have pictures of the pole being prepared for the big day in the very early 1900s.”

This writer has not yet been able to independently verify these claims.

The Maypole shown outlined in red on the 1906 25" OS map

The Maypole shown outlined in red on 1906 25″ OS map

May Day is still celebrated in the village with dancing around the Pole and a fete. Recent online photographs show that it is now only children, in ‘historic’ fancy dress who ribbon dance around the Pole.



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