Nether Glenny (35), Port of Menteith, Perthshire

Cup-and-Ring Stone:  OS Grid Reference – NN 56425 02099

Also Known as:

  1. Canmore ID 24041
  2. Menteith 26
  3. Nether Glenny 19

Getting Here

Netherglenny carving

Netherglenny carving

Take the same directions as if you’re visiting the nearby Nether Glenny 2 cairn. Once here, walk less than 100 yards further down into the same field, north, roughly parallel with the fencing.  You’ll reach several large rocks, and the elongated one on the slight rise closer to the fence is the one you’re after.  You’ll find it!

Archaeology & History

This is one in a number of impressive cup-and-ring stones scattered along this grassy ridge overlooking the Lake of Menteith and the Gargunnock Hills to the south.  Petroglyph lovers amongst you will love it!  And it seems that with each and every analysis, the carvings gives up more and more of its ancient symbolism.  When it was first described (in a literary sense) by Maarten van Hoek (1989) he told it to be:

“Irregular outcrop with at least 72 single cups; 3 cups with 2 rings; 6 cups with 1 ring and 2 possible horse-shoe rings only.”

But when Kaledon Naddair (1992) visited the site a few years later he amended this initial description, telling us how,

“Further temporary turf removal extended the total to 124 solo cups, and 9 cups with 1 ring, and 5 cups with 2 rings.”

Western end of carving

Western end of carving

Cups and rings and cups...

Cups and rings and cups…

Naddair’s description is closer to our own inspection, although I think that a small number of the ‘cups’ are natural.  Other features that we’ve found occur on the more western side of the rock.  A faint partial-double-ringed cup is accompanied a few inches away by a carved element that seems to have been unfinished.  An initially indistinct circle, faintly pecked, has internal lines at the quadrants, akin to an early cross form.  A line emerges from this symbol which also seems to have been slightly worked.  There’s a lot more on here…

…to be continued…


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© Paul Bennett, The Northern Antiquarian


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Occultist, prehistorian and independent archaeological researcher, specializing in prehistoric rock art, Neolithic, Bronze Age & Iron Age sites, and the animistic cosmologies of pre-Christian & traditional cultures.
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2 Responses to Nether Glenny (35), Port of Menteith, Perthshire

  1. That’s an interesting-looking one. I was surprised the turf hadn’t overgrown it but it sounds like they’ve been cutting it back to keep it clear?

  2. megalithix says:

    Aye… The cluster here seems to have the most ardent Scottish petroglyphs explorers revisiting the sites with seasoned regularity by the look of some of them. I keep coming across evidence all over the place up here, in some quite remote areas, showing how people are discovering previously unrecorded carved stones more and more. It becomes infectious once the bug bites!

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