Carrot Hill, Carrot, Angus

Cup-Marked Stone:  OS Grid Reference – NO 4545 4000

Getting Here

Newly found cup-marked stone

The stone is situated on the north-facing slope of Carrot Hill (almost equidistant with neighbouring Dodd Hill actually) at 225 m OD.  Use of a  GPS and the co-ordinates above are very definitely recommended for finding this stone which lies flat on a heather covered hillside.  You most likely won’t locate it without them.  There is ample car parking space at the popular viewpoint car park on Carrot Hill (NO 464 408), walk to the summit trig point and follow your GPS from there.

Archaeology & History

This cup-marked stone was first noticed in February 2012.   Remarkably, this stone seems to have been previously unrecorded despite lying just metres from a small path through the heather.

There are at least 15 cup marks on this sandstone boulder which was measured to be  1.2 x 0.7 x 0.2 m in size.  There is no evidence of any rings around any of the cups. 

The closest known examples of more rock art are just over four kilometers away to the west at Huntingfaulds where there is a cup and ring marked boulder.

© Stuart Anthony, 2012

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