Solar Wheel of the Year Stone, Sabden, Lancashire

Cup-Marked Stone?:  OS Grid Reference – SD 7732 3846

Getting Here

From Sabden village, walk up the steep Clitheroe Road towards the Nick of Pendle at the top of the hill, but take the track on your right about 100 yards before you reach the top.  Walk along the footpath until it takes the gradual curve downhill, keeping your eyes peeled for a singular small stone just about 20 yards up into the grassy slope.  If you’re attentive, you’ll see it!

Relevant Information

Solar Wheel of the Year Stone

A small but distinct “cup-marked” stone, with between eight and ten cup-markings on its southwest facing side, looking similar in design to the many on Baildon Moor in West Yorkshire, about 25 miles east of here.  The potential “carving” was found by local writer and historian, John Dixon (to whom the stone owes its fascinating name), who has found several similar ‘markings’ on other stones in the region.  John’s of the opinion that the cup-marks on this stone are natural, i.e., due to plant and root fossil remains leaving certain parts of the rock softer than the other, then falling away and leaving the marks we see in the photo.  It could be…..but I’m no fossil expert, nor geologist.  The site was first brought to light in our Forum, here.

I’m of the opinion that the cups here are pretty recent and have been caused by gunshots (though we didn’t notice any shells by the rock, tbh) and modern pecking.  Some gunshot marks on stones around Rombald’s Moor and further afield have left marks very similar to the ones here.  However, some archaeo’s may wanna look at this and see what they reckon.  As the photograph here shows, some lines run between some of the “cups”.

If anyone goes here, tell us what you think! (as John said: “If this were in Yorkshire, they’d call it a cup-marking!”  Well….some folk might do!)  I said I’d add it to the site to see what others think of it, but I’m somewhat sceptical as to its prehistoric provenance — but, I’ve no letters after mi name so am probably talking bullshit.  We need you professional doods to rub your fine discerning tools against it and give it your consent!  Comments please…..

© Paul Bennett, The Northern Antiquarian

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Occultist, prehistorian and independent archaeological researcher, specializing in prehistoric rock art, Neolithic, Bronze Age & Iron Age sites, and the animistic cosmologies of pre-Christian & traditional cultures.
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4 Responses to Solar Wheel of the Year Stone, Sabden, Lancashire

  1. lowergate says:

    Gunshot marks

    This could have been done only by Clint Eastwood – I rememberer the marking on the iron breast-plate worn by the ‘man with no name’ in the film ‘A FISTFULL OF $$$$$$$’s’

    Best regards Paul

    PS: – initials behind your name? Whater next? I took you as a veritable VERB not a bloody common NOUN!



  2. dawncoded says:

    Hi Paul, I have noted another possible solar ring just near it on google earth and I have also found some stones just near to it that require investigation by the experts. Something else I noticed as well that could be linked to it. I will make some detailed records of them and get back to you on this. Dawn
    I think we could be looking at a very important set of stones that are connected hopefully not to the treacle critters & their gunslingers.

  3. dawncoded says:

    Hi Paul, I have found a similar one not far from the coffin stone. It sits just up from old Rombald’s Way about 700 meters passed the barn. It appears to have carving motifs. I’m uploading to YouTube the video. Also check Ray Spencer Wall on Facebook. I’ll post link on there. I have also logged a nearby lozenge earth and stone mound with a white stone fish offering, again unrecorded. I have now found 12 fish stones, some larger than megalithic yard sizes but some spot on 1 megalithic yard. Fall the fish run along the West Side of Pendle on virgin ground.

  4. dawncoded says:

    There is a huge fish stone literally 10 feet east of John’s stone that has elaborate pygmy flint carvings on it. Why John never mentioned this I cannot understand. The fish symbol is a goddess symbol and relates to regeneration and rebirth. Look up language of the goddess by Marija Gimbutas for reference to the fish goddess connection.

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